Walmart steps back from selling ammunition after dreadful shootings

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Significant changes are coming to the Walmart stores across the US. A month after prohibiting the advertisement of video games and movies ‘violent’ in nature in its store, Walmart now is rolling back on ammunition. The superstore announced on Tuesday that it would not sell certain types of ammunition nationwide.

In fact, the chain has also asked its patrons not to carry guns openly in their stores unless they’re police officials. Walmart said that it is putting up signs in its stores to inform the customers about the changes.

The advocates of gun control have welcomed the move. However, whether or not these changes would result in lesser weapons on the country’s street still remains a question.

The recent announcement follows the similar steps adopted by other ammunition sellers post public pressure of restricting ammunition and gun sales.

In March, DICK’s Sporting Goods announced that it will stop the sale of ammunition and guns across 125 of its stores. Additionally, other businesses like Target, Wendy’s, Starbucks and Kroger have also asked patrons to not carry guns openly inside their stores.

Walmart said that it will stop the sale of ammunition for handguns as well as two types of short barrel rifles post the supplies in stores currently get over. Besides, the retailer also plans on discontinuing the sale of handguns in Alaska.

The announcement by Walmart comes a few days after an armed man killed 7 innocent individuals in Texas. This follows 2 other shootings previous month, with 1 taking place at a Walmart.

The previous month, an armed man entered one of Walmart’s store located in El Paso and killed 22 individuals. It was the most fatal shooting in the history of Walmart. On the other hand, 9 people were killed the same day at Ohio. A couple of days before that, 2 Walmart employees were shot and killed by an employee from another store in Mississippi.

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