WATCH: Randy Orton Counters Drew McIntyre’s Claymore Kick in the Best Way Possible

WATCH: Randy Orton Counters Drew McIntyre's Claymore Kick in the Best Way Possible

Randy Orton walked away from Hell in a Cell after pinning his arch-rival Drew McIntyre for the second time! He is now the new WWE Champion and is the supreme being of the Raw roster. Although everyone is talking about the end, few noticed the means to the end.

Orton had a hard match against McIntyre. His initial ambush failed badly and he was locked inside the cell against “The Scottish Psychopath”.

This did not deter the challenger much, and he used his tactics well to send the Scotsman on the back foot. Orton strategically put down the beast. He targeted the injured knee of McIntyre and really weighed down on his impairments.

However, the most clever tactic used by Orton was avoiding the Claymore Kick in classy fashion. “The Legend Killer” used his sharp reflexes to completely dodge the devastating finisher. 

Drew McIntyre thought that he had done it again. He was priming himself for a second Claymore Kick to finish off Orton once and for all. He sprinted forward and jumped to meet Orton’s already injured jaw, but was in for a surprise.

Randy Orton was much sharper than Drew McIntyre

Orton ducked and went clean under the flying body of McIntyre. Landing straight on the ring corner for the first time, the Champion knew he had been outsmarted.

Before he could react, Orton executed a straight RKO, winning then by pinfall. This was only the second time Drew McIntyre had been pinned since winning the title at WrestleMania, and both losses came at the hands of “The Viper”.

The Claymore Kick has by far been the most devastating finisher on Raw. The massive impact on the jaw of the opponent knocks most out, and it has never been countered or avoided. 

The speed of the move itself leaves a tired opponent no choice but to accept his bitter fate. However, Randy was prepared as always and left McIntyre kicking the turnbuckle instead.

Orton has earned the Championship and all debts have been paid. We are eager to see how Drew responds to this on Monday Night Raw.

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