WATCH: Sami Zayn Interrupts Logan Paul’s Training Session with Jake Paul

WATCH: Sami Zayn Interrupts Logan Paul's Training Session with Jake Paul

After his huge appearance on SmackDown, Internet sensation and YouTuber Logan Paul declared he’ll be in Sami Zayn’s corner at WrestleMania. His role in getting the Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn match some much needed traction is commendable.

Sami Zayn crashes Logan Paul’s sparring session

Apart from being a YouTuber, Logan Paul is also a fair boxer. He has a poor record of 0-0-1, losing to English YouTuber KSI. He and his brother Jake Paul were in the middle of a sparring session, when the delusional Sami Zayn showed up.

Logan introduced Sami to Jake while the former Intercontinental Champion bumped his glove. Sami ranted about how his trailer became a tremendous success because of Logan’s endorsement. After that, Zayn proposed the idea of the three of them sparring together, and the Paul brothers were less than happy.

Acting like a complete goof, Sami tried to find his car but locked himself out of the gym. He pounded the door until a man showed up and told him the gym’s closed. An irate Sami faced the camera and repeatedly asked, “Who is that guy?,”

until the feed cut off.

Is Sami Zayn getting on Logan Paul‘s nerves? Will we see Logan and Jake deck Sami Zayn after his match at WrestleMania, or will he help Sami pick up a huge win over his former best friend?

Why does Kevin Owens want to face Sami at WrestleMania?

A couple of years ago, Sami Zayn returned to Raw after WrestleMania 35 to a huge ovation from the fans. He put on a clinic against the Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor, but lost to him. After the match received another good ovation from the crowd, but he turned on them.

This was the beginning of the new Sami Zayn, the delusional wrestler who believes WWE is holding him back. In 2020, Zayn won the Intercontinental Championship but not compete during the pandemic. Hence, WWE crowned a new champion, but Sami returned and became the Undisputed IC Champion.

Once he lost the belt, Zayn began blaming the WWE for his downfall and became a conspiracy theorist. While his former best friend Kevin Owens fought for every opportunity, Zayn lambasted the WWE for holding him back.

On Talking Smack, Owens said he plans on bringing the old Sami Zayn back, the Underdog of the Underground. He hopes to beat some sense into his former best friend, and we all hope he succeeds.

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