Wayne Rooney’s downfall – why the former Manchester United leader’s career declined

At some point in the football world, Wayne Rooney was considered to be the best player alongside Lionel Messia and his former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. Under Sir Alex Ferguson, Rooney won the Champions League title once in 2008 and the Premier League five times. But after 2013, with the departure of Ferguson, Rooney lost his touch.

We can mention several reasons for his downfall, from changing his preferable position to problems in personal life.

Alcohol, gambling, recklessness

Alcohol has ruined Rooney’s career. Due to drinking bouts, bets he did not become a hero of England

Wayne Rooney could compete with Ronaldo and Messi, but chose a completely different path. Talented English youth deserved the finals of the 2018 World Cup, but the Gareth Southgate team lacked confidence and experience. Wayne Rooney could become an authority that would give Sterling, Alli, and other British players an extra boost at the right time. To do this, it was not necessary to enter the field – it was enough to boost the locker room or indicate the opponent’s weaknesses.

Rooney dreamed of a beautiful career end in the national team at the World Cup, but he ruined everything. Before the friendly match with Spain at the end of 2016, the striker hovered at a wedding party. Wayne drank beer in buckets in a national team tracksuit and fell asleep at the bar counter. In the morning, photos of the captain appeared in the press. Southgate expelled the player, and soon Wayne, on the pretext of “give way to the young,” ended his career in the national team.

The record holder of the England national team for matches and goals (120 matches and 53 goals) bowed out at 31. While Ronaldo scored a hattrick against Spain in the 2018 World Cup, Wayne Rooney, sipped whiskey in a casino. This was one of the football player’s most favorite entertainment. In May 2017, Rooney became so carried away that he squandered 500 thousand pounds during the night in gambling, in particular blackjack. but the forward was so lucky that he fell asleep right at the gambling table. After that time Rooney realized his mistake and gave up gambling. At least, there was no information about him, involved in gambling and blackjack. Even though some people still suggested and noted that Rooney continued to play blackjack online for real money despite the announcement he made in the past. Such accusations and rumors were purely baseless and soon died down.

Alex Ferguson admitted in his autobiography that he could not do anything about Wayne’s abuse of cigarettes and alcohol. The coach forgave everything to him – in training and games. It was hard to imagine that a striker with huge potential and the status of a Premier League symbol would end with top football so early.

Rooney and his wife

Rooney owes a good career to his wife, Coleen, who pulled him out of the bars, forgave betrayals, and inspired him before important matches. The couple has been together since school, which did not stop Wayne from betraying her for the first time at 17. The second time this happened, when Coleen was waiting for her first child, and then everything turned into a real nightmare.

For a long time, no one believes the repentance of Rooney. Closer to sunset, the top scorer in Manchester United’s history has completely lost touch with reality. In September 2017, the police stopped his car after a party with friends in two bars and a Piccolino Italian restaurant. There Wayne danced on the table and sang the Oasis song Wonderwall. The court took the driver’s driver’s license for two years and sentenced him to 100 hours of community service. Journalists found that a drunk Rooney was driving a Laura Simpson car, which provides escort services to wealthy men.

In January 2019, Rooney was detained by security officials at the Washington airport – the footballer cursed loudly and broke into one of the doors of the room, thinking it was an elevator. Wayne admitted that on the plane he mixed whiskey with sleeping pills.

After this incident, even Coleen lost her patience. She delivered an ultimatum to her husband: either he would undergo a rehabilitation course from alcoholism, or she would file for divorce.

Changing of natural position

We cannot solely blame Rooney for his problems. When Sir Alex Ferguson left Manchester United in 2013, after winning plenty of trophies David Moyes replaced him. Spending almost all of his career as a center-forward, Rooney was forced to retreat to the midfield. For a player like Rooney who scored a lot of goals, such change was unexpected and it is no surprise he did not shine in the midfield. Even managers after David Moyes did not return Rooney to his usual position. In the national team as well, the forward played from the midfield. This was also a decisive factor in the career of Rooney.

Will he manage to lead Derby to the Premier League?

After some unsuccessful stints with various clubs, Rooney is currently playing for the Championship side Derby County. He has already scored 5 goals in 14 matches and is one of the best players in the team. Derby is outside of the playoff zone but there are still 5 matches to play. It will be very difficult for the Rams to enter the zone and Rooney should be the leader who will lead his team to success. Of course, everyone will be glad to see him in the Premier League, even if he is not the old guy, we remembered in the past.

Rooney indeed had a football talent, the amazing technique, but unfortunately lacked discipline. At one time the central figure of England at the beginning of the century won dozens of cool trophies, broke several records, but still did not reach maximum. While both Ronaldo and Messi won numerous trophies and Ballon d’Or, Rooney did nothing to improve his game. And because of that, his path to greatness was cut short.