“We Are Ready”- Charles Leclerc Tests for Ferrari in Maranello in Style

After months of no Formula 1 action, fans are finally witnessing the return of the motorsport. Ferrari, on its official website as well as social media handles, posted a picture of the SF1000 driven by Charles Leclerc. Thus, reigniting the spirit of the ‘Prancing Horse’.

Ferrari parades the SF 1000 in Maranello

After almost 4 months since their final testing at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Ferrari finally drove their car through the streets of Maranello. The same iconic location where Enzo Ferrari drove the 125 S.

“I don’t normally like getting up early, but this morning there was a great reason to do so. Maybe it woke a few people up, but it was great to drive through the streets of Maranello in the SF100. It was exciting to get back in the car today, particularly on such a special route. Being back in the cockpit felt like coming home again.” said Leclerc.

He drove a distance of around a kilometer, towards the Fiorano racetrack, Ferrari’s own track meant for training purposes. All of this was captured on camera and Ferrari is expected to continue the same in order to film an entire day at the location.

 “It seemed like a fun way of saying we are ready to get back on track. Now I can’t wait to drive the SF1000 in Austria,” concluded Leclerc.

Meanwhile, the first race of the season is going to be up in the next month. The Austrian Grand Prix will mark the start of the 2020 edition of Formula 1. For this, lately, drivers are testing out their cars. This includes Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo who performed 110 laps yesterday. Along with, of course, Ferrari’s session today.

This season is certainly going to be an orthodox one. With a drastically reduced number of races, teams would be looking towards strategically different approaches to make the best use of the limited time. Subsequently, it is also going to be a challenging one for Ferrari, who despite finishing second in the 2019 constructors’ title faced problems in their synergy with the drivers.

Will 2020 be redemption for the Italians? Will the duo of Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel come back with a vengeance before the latter’s departure next season? We shall see a demo at the Red Bull Ring.