“What it’s All About”- Clint Bowyer Opens Up on His Desire to Win at Home in Kansas

"What it's All About"- Clint Bowyer Opens Up on His Desire to Win at Home in Kansas

Much has been made about Jimmie Johnson’s impending departure from NASCAR at the end of the season. However, Clint Bowyer will be another driver who will part ways with the series as a full-time driver.

This weekend, Bowyer heads into his final Kansas Speedway race and hopes to win it all. His desperation to win there is not unfounded as he is a Kansas native, and who wouldn’t want to win on home soil.

He admitted that he felt a lot of pride ahead of charting a course to Kansas. According to Bowyer, “That’s what it’s all about. It’s going back in front of your hometown crowd.

“You want nothing more than that to make them proud. Those are all the people who watched me grow up racing.”

What else did Clint Bowyer say?

He insisted that they all helped him become who he is in the sport. As a result, he feels that if he bags a win on home soil in his last attempt, it would be the perfect tribute to them.

Truthfully, a win at the Kansas Speedway would be the best kind of send-off for the NASCAR veteran. Especially considering that the track is allowing spectators, he would love to win in front of them.

“I love competing. I love being pissed off at the end of the race. I love being happy at the end of the race,” Clint Bowyer said.

He added, “I love that adrenaline of lining up next to that guy. And wondering how in the hell you’re going to come off the Turn 2 ahead of him. And that’s a feeling that can’t be replaced.”

The 41-year-old confessed that the retirement decision was not a surefire one. He insisted that he still loved the sport, which is why he intends to stick around the NASCAR paddock in the commentary booth.

From the 2021 season onwards, he will join Mike Joy and fellow former racer, Jeff Gordon in the FOX Sports booth, calling the races.

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