WhatsApp security flaws can fake messages from you, and there’s no fix

WhatsApp is an app which lets you send and receive messages, photos, and videos. Apart from this, you can also place and receive a call or a video call. Group chats using this app is famous among people of all generations. Facebook acquired the app in 2014.

The app has nearly a billion users. It is so famous that it acts as a source of communication in most of the countries like India, Pakistan, Brazil, many parts of Europe, etc. Two days before a piece of news about the app shocked the users.

Altering of messages sent to your friend or family is becoming common. It is a grave security concern. With the help of a tool, one can easily manipulate a message using others name.

WhatsApp Security Flaws

How the tool manipulates text messages?

At a cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas previous year, the tool came into notice. It helps users interested in creating malicious text messages to achieve their purpose.

Mr. Vanunu explains that a malicious user can completely change your text message according to his will. A user frames a private message and sends it to a user. Well with the help of this tool the private message can go public. Such a problem is repaired by Facebook when brought into notice.

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Mr. Vanunu goes onto say that Facebook told that the company can’t take care of other issues of WhatsApp due to disadvantages in infrastructure. The new encryption technology introduced into WhatsApp is making things difficult for the company. Facebook is unable to control and check the encrypted messages sent by a user.

Mr. Vanunu goes onto say that the app is used by billions of people in their day to day lives. Stopping the app is not a solution. Misinformation sent using WhatsApp already started creating a menace in countries in India and Brazil.