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WhatsApp security flaws can fake messages from you, and there’s no fix

Erin Fox



WhatsApp is an app which lets you send and receive messages, photos, and videos. Apart from this, you can also place and receive a call or a video call. Group chats using this app is famous among people of all generations. Facebook acquired the app in 2014.

The app has nearly a billion users. It is so famous that it acts as a source of communication in most of the countries like India, Pakistan, Brazil, many parts of Europe, etc. Two days before a piece of news about the app shocked the users.

Altering of messages sent to your friend or family is becoming common. It is a grave security concern. With the help of a tool, one can easily manipulate a message using others name.

WhatsApp Security Flaws

How the tool manipulates text messages?

At a cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas previous year, the tool came into notice. It helps users interested in creating malicious text messages to achieve their purpose.

Mr. Vanunu explains that a malicious user can completely change your text message according to his will. A user frames a private message and sends it to a user. Well with the help of this tool the private message can go public. Such a problem is repaired by Facebook when brought into notice.

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Mr. Vanunu goes onto say that Facebook told that the company can’t take care of other issues of WhatsApp due to disadvantages in infrastructure. The new encryption technology introduced into WhatsApp is making things difficult for the company. Facebook is unable to control and check the encrypted messages sent by a user.

Mr. Vanunu goes onto say that the app is used by billions of people in their day to day lives. Stopping the app is not a solution. Misinformation sent using WhatsApp already started creating a menace in countries in India and Brazil.

Erin has around 2 years of experience in writing news bulletins for online publications, and she recently joined our team as an Author (Technology). She is a tech geek and has a better understanding of Technology trends and updates. She keeps herself updated about the latest technology happenings around the world. So, she writes technology news bulletins on the website, and apart from writing, she does check all news before publishing for grammar and other things to make sure we have high-quality content on the website. She is in love with Photography and traveling the world. Thus, she has been traveling to many countries and their cities. She loves to explore the tradition and culture of different regions of this world.

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Mobile Phone LBS services set to be the next big tech revolution

Erin Fox




With major players like Nokia, Apple and Google playing a major role in the realm of location-based services, the Mobile phone location-based services or LBS services as they are known to be. The focus on real-time location services and location-based services has become one of the prominent options. The growing reliance on smartphone-based location services has become one of the guiding factors for achieving the best results.

Mobile Phone Location-based Services


The health sector and other location-based services have become one of the preferred choices and have been prospering to a considerable extent. Set to grow towards an unprecedented growth by 2022, you will find that it has been one of the best options for services like Backpage have benefitted to a considerable extent through these LBS services.

The LBS has proved to be an efficient option and can be used efficiently in collecting details about the spread of the diseases, disease surveillance, and similar other options. The LBS systems have also found increased use in healthcare protocol system. The location-based services are also aimed at providing e-prescriptions and similar other digital solutions.

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The growth of location-based services has been capable of improving the status of performance. There have been growing importance associated with smartphone use in markets like China and India. The technique is also being used in the industrial sector where it can help you improve the performance of supply chain management.

The reports have been indicating that the technology would help you achieve the highest standards in terms of technology and pave way for huge growth in the days ahead.

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PC Building Simulator Launched: Now available on Console

Evan Lewis



PC building simulator is now available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Not only this it would also be available on Steam, GOG, and humble. Most of you are already familiar with the PC building simulator. For the one who doesn’t know, it is a game in which players can create the Monster PC rigs.

It is the cognitive dissonance of building a virtual PC on a console. Not only this, PC building simulator is a full-fledged story mode in which players can take over their uncle’s repair shop. In this, Players can repair and build custom high-end PC making the big bucks.

PC Building Simulator

Image: PlayStation

There is a lot in the free mode of the simulator. Players can virtually create Monster PC using OEM licensed parts from makers including ADM, Razer, NZXT, Nvidia, Cooler Master and more.

In addition to this, players would have access to to the motherboard BIOS and software like 3D Mark. They can build, test, overclock and benchmark their creations.

PC Building Simulator previous start

The PC Building Simulator not new, as it has already started its life on website. On that platform, indie developers share their passion projects and game jam experiments for free.

As it was launched on Steam Early Access. It gets quickly viral and earned 700,000 downloads with positive reviews.

Availability and pricing

PC Building Simulator has been available on Playstation store, Microsoft store and Nintendo eShops. It would be available on these platform for $20 for a limited period of time. You can grab it, before the further rise in price.

Every game lover, who have never tried it before must try as it would be a learning experience for them. It will help the newcomers in the game world to allay their fears about the complexity of building their own system.

For more news keep following us.

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Google Pixel owners can claim up to $500 in class action settlement

Erin Fox



In the first half of this year, Google agreed to pay a sum to its customers for the class action settlement. Consumers said that the renowned company is responsible for selling defective smartphone pieces. Moreover, the Pixel phone sold is the first generation with non-functional microphones.

If you are the owner of a Pixel or a Pixel XL and purchased before January 7th, 2017 then only you are eligible for a sum of money. The settlement price is quite complicated. Customers who have faced a microphone issue is only eligible for the amount of money.

Other than this, the company will pay only $20 to any Pixel or Pixel XL owners. The owners are eligible only if they have bought the device before January 7th, 2017.

Which customers are eligible to get a refund against their device?

A customer is eligible for a refund only if they live in the United States of America. The manufacturing date of the Pixel or the Pixel XL must be before January 4th, 2017.

At the same time, the customer has purchased the phone for his use and not to resell it. Along with that, a person who hasn’t received a replacement device against a complaint after January 3rd, 2017.

Moreover, the customer shouldn’t be an employee with Google, any family member of the judges, or a lawyer by profession.

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If you are a customer who has fulfilled all the criteria’s laid down by the company, then you are good to go. Being a customer, you have to apply to the class actions website.

At the same time, you have to produce documents before the company. Sign up with your name, address, and every other piece of information. If you have already started your problems previously to the company, then you are not required to sign up.

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