Where and How to Get a High-Interest Crypto Savings Account

Are you looking for an opportunity to increase your crypto investment passively? A cryptocurrency savings account from a reliable platform will definitely do the job. Blockchain technology and lending markets open big opportunities to investors by giving them a high interest rate on their saved assets.

A crypto savings account gives interest to investors at a predetermined rate called an annual percentage yield (APY). The platforms get their income by loaning the invested crypto to borrowers, who pay back their loans with interest. They also invest in other ways.

Since not all platforms have a high-interest crypto savings account, you must research well to make informed decisions. For the sake of those who do not know, this article will guide you on where and how to get a high-interest crypto savings account.

YouHodler High-Interest Crypto Savings Account

YouHodler is considered the jack of all trades in the crypto world. It is a crypto saving account that will give you up to 12.3% interest on crypto. The stablecoins such as USDC earn the highest interest rate while Bitcoin earns a competitive rate as well.

Ultimately, YouHodler is a high-interest crypto savings account designed for every crypto enthusiast. So, if this is what you are looking for, it is easy to get started on their platform. The interest is compounded every day and paid to your account weekly.

BlockFi High-Interest Crypto Savings Account

Most definitely, you are here to know how to earn cryptocurrency through a savings account. BlockFi is a reliable platform that will always appear on the list of the best. The reason it is considered a high-interest crypto savings account is its high interest rates on stablecoins, which can go up to 9.5%. Bitcoin earns 4.5%, which is quite competitive, and other cryptos will range somewhere in between.

Since 2017 when BlockFi was founded, it has quickly evolved to get funding of $350,000 by March 2021. If you are looking forward to trying BlockFi, get an account on their official website, deposit one of the accepted coins, and start earning compound interest immediately.

Nexo High-Interest Crypto Savings Account

Believe it or not, Nexo could give you a crypto interest rate of up to 12%. This high-interest crypto savings account offers tight competition in its circle while benefiting all its users. Actually, your compounded interest is paid daily, and you can withdraw it at any time.

It was also created in 2017 and has grown its user base to over 1 million since then. Would you like to join this growing number and get involved in crypto? Visit Nexo’s official website and register to get an account. Next, deposit the crypto coins of your choice, and you will enjoy this amazing interest rate.

Gemini High-Interest Crypto Savings Account

Do you want to learn how to earn cryptocurrency passively? Gemini is an excellent platform recommended for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. It is also best for security; the assets are held in offline cold storage, which minimizes the chances of losing an investment.

It qualifies as a high-interest crypto savings account because it gives up to 8.05% on various crypto coins. Just like with any other interest-earning crypto account, you will need to register to get an account and start earning interest. The best part is that interest is paid daily.


These four platforms have crypto wallets that pay interest. But they are not the only high-interest crypto savings account options on the market. Others like Hodlnaut, Binance, CoinLoan, Crypto.com, and Celsius Network also pay well. If you are interested in any of them, you can check them out to know more and learn how to register. All platforms that pay high interest rates have benefits to the users, and you should give one a try to grow your digital assets.