Where to buy Kawasaki x Adidas ZX22 “Silver Metallic” shoes? Price, release date, and more details explored 

Kawasaki, a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer with a global reputation, teamed up with Adidas, a sportswear powerhouse, to reimagine Adidas’ ZX22 silhouette. The new version has been given the name “Silver Metallic” because it looks like a sports bike because of the green tones that make it stand out.

The Kawasaki x Adidas ZX22 Silver Metallic is scheduled to go on sale at Adidas on November 24th, 2022, at 8.00 AM GMT. Following this, these sneakers will arrive on Kawasaki’s shopping website on November 25th, 2022. These shoes will also be available at other retailers. These shoes will be available in men’s sizes at a fixed price of $150 per pair.

Kawasaki x Adidas ZX22 “Silver Metallic” shoes are highlighted with touches of bright green all over

Here's a detailed look at the upcoming shoes (Image via Sportskeeda)
Here’s a detailed look at the upcoming shoes (Image via Sportskeeda)

If you ask someone what the most recognizable sports bike is, they will most likely say the Kawasaki Ninja. The Ninja has dominated the motorcycle market since the 1980s, and as it approaches its 40th anniversary, the Japanese company has collaborated with the German juggernaut to create the Kawasaki x Adidas ZX22 “Silver Metallic”.

The description of the new Kawasaki x Adidas ZX22 shoes on the latter’s official web page reads:

“Since day one, innovation was built into the foundation of the ZX line. Which makes complete sense knowing that the very first ZX design was inspired by Kawasaki back in ’84. The ZX22 shoes are part of the next chapter of our collaboration with the pioneering Japanese motorcycle brand, taking inspiration from a Kawasaki concept vehicle to usher in the next wave of the future with an uncompromising perspective.”

The description further reads:

“A symbol of progress, the distinctive trainers feature a unique, straight-shaped mudguard, reflective details and vibrant pops of lime green throughout.”

Inspired by the forms of futuristic Kawasaki Concept J vehicle. Discover adidas x Kawasaki ZX22, the newest addition to our sneaker range – available now through your local Kawasaki dealer, priced at £128.95 https://t.co/SvrTgnthac

The ZX22 from Kawasaki, part of the renowned ZX series from the Herzogenaurach-based activewear manufacturer, is the ideal blend of traditional and modern aesthetics. As a tribute to the engine, neon green details are scattered throughout the leather top and are coated in a silver metallic color palette.

Reflective silver elements are used on the tongue flaps, toe tops, and inner linings. The sockliners contrast with the neon green insoles. The branding prints are done in black on the insoles. The silver lace sets perched on top of the tongue flaps provide the finishing touch on the uppers.

The shoe’s side panels feature a white rendition of the iconic “Ninja” logo, and a thicker, more cushioned Boost midsole with a cool gradient design can be seen below.

These themed sneakers will be delivered in customized shoe boxes, adorned with co-branded accents of the partnering labels. A pair of black lace loops will also be included with the pair, allowing you to switch between styles.

These items contain recycled content culled from production scraps in an effort to lessen the environmental impact of making new materials from scratch.

Set your calendars for this week’s release of the latest Kawasaki x Adidas collaboration sneaker. You can even sign up for Adidas’ official website to receive timely updates on new shoes.

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