Where to find Jeb Phelps in Annesburg in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online has plenty of new missions to take on through the new Blood Money update, and Jeb Phelps is one contact the will help players along the way.

Blood Money brings new content to the game in the form of new missions. Crimes are the majority of available missions in the new update, and then there is an Opportunity.

Two more will eventually be added to the game in future updates, but there is only one Opportunity to complete for the time being.

Jeb Phelps is a part of one of the many Crimes to be completed in Blood Money. Some of the Crimes are simple and only have one step to worry about. Others can take a lot more time and require multiple steps to complete.

In the case of Jeb Phelps, he is a part of the contract under his name, or the Job Phelps contract part 3.

In order to start the contract, players need to find a Crime vendor or npc that gives those quests out. It will allow them to begin the Crime contract and move on to the next step. Eventually, players will need to head find Jeb Phelps to progress.

Where to find Jeb Phelps and continue the contract

Jeb Phelps will not be in plain sight, considering the severity of many missions in the Blood Money update. Instead, he is hiding as he waits to meet the player’s character.

To find him, players should head to Annesburg, but there is a lot to search in that area.

The task will be to find him in the general area, but there is no exact marker to do so. But if players know where to look, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

His location is near the center of the town, which is the first place to start. Once in the town center, players should look for a blueish-grey house that is on the side of a wider road. It will be easy to spot by the green door in the front.

Next, players will need to enter the house, but the front door can’t be used to get to Jeb Phelps. Simply head to the back of the house and enter, where a cutscene will begin, indicating the success of the search for Jeb Phelps.

Talk to the contact and head onto the next part of the crime in Red Dead Online: Blood Money.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul