Who is Miles Bridges’ wife Mychelle Johnson? All you need to know

Miles Bridges’ wife Mychelle Johnson has found herself in the spotlight over the last few months. The NBA player was arrested on charges of domestic violence in June 2022, and it turns out that he assaulted his wife.

The situation between Miles and Mychelle has been ugly and all signs point to an unhealthy and toxic relationship. The 6-foot-6 forward, who last played for the Charlotte Hornets, may have lost his place in the league due to the incident.

This article will reveal everything we know about Mychelle Johnson, Miles Bridges’ wife. We will also take a deeper look at the relationship between them and the domestic abuse case that was concluded a few weeks ago.

Miles Bridges’ wife Mychelle Johnson has been with the NBA player since 2016

In 2016, Mychelle Johnson met the basketball player. Bridges was a young basketball star and one of the best prospects in the country at the time. While they eventually married, the details of their wedding have not been made public.

Miles Bridges’ wife and the four-year NBA veteran have two children. Ace Miles, their first child, was born in 2018, and their daughter was born in early 2020. Unfortunately, their toxic relationship has had an impact on their children too.

Miles Bridges' wife has been with him before he entered the NBA (Image via Getty Images)
Miles Bridges’ wife has been with him before he entered the NBA (Image via Getty Images)

Like her husband, Mychelle Johnson has been involved with basketball. She’s also tried her hand at modeling. She is from West Virginia and was born on September 3, 1997.

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According to her Facebook profile, Miles Bridges’ wife attended St. Joseph Catholic School in Huntington. She eventually enrolled at Marshall University and currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

While her relationship with the NBA star is complicated, Mychelle Johnson appears to be committed to Miles. She may have moved on from the domestic abuse incident, as she still has photos with her husband.

Despite having over 60,000 Instagram followers, Mychelle deactivated her account after the incident. She’s mostly used her profile to share private photos and to promote various brands.

Miles Bridges and the domestic case incident

In early November, the Charlotte Hornets forward pleaded no contest in court. Due to this, he received three years of probation, 100 hours of community service, and 52 weeks of domestic counseling.

Furthermore, the NBA player is not allowed to own any weapons or ammunition and has to undergo weekly drug testing.

Miles Bridges may not return to the NBA (Image via Getty Images)
Miles Bridges may not return to the NBA (Image via Getty Images)

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Considering that Miles Bridges has consistently improved during his NBA career, he could have got a massive deal next summer. Unfortunately, he may have completely ruined his career with the June 2022 incident.

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