Will Landon Barker Follow Charli D’Amelio & Do DWTS? He Says…

Landon Barker won’t be hitting the ballroom floor any time soon. 

While Charli D’Amelio is impressing Dancing With the Stars fans with her moves on season 31, it seems unlikely that her boyfriend Landon will be following in her footsteps. In fact, Travis Barker‘s son said as much to E! News. “Hard no,” he said when asked about possibly joining the dance competition series. “I’m not quite the dancer.”

That doesn’t mean he isn’t a fan of DWTS, however. The singer, who recently partnered with Timex to celebrate the “Race Against TimeX” in Fortnite, is frequently seen cheering on his girlfriend in the audience during the broadcast. And though he’s uninterested in heading to the dance floor, he gushed about Charli’s work ethic on DWTS

“I think that Charli works so much on the show and she’s so dedicated,” he gushed, “and really puts her everything into the show and hasn’t gone easy on it. She’s really working hard to compete on the show and she’s really doing her best and I’m extremely proud of her and I hope that she has all the success on the show.”