WWE Announces Another Championship Match for Clash of Champions

WWE Announces Another Championship Match for Clash of Champions

The Street Profits were yet to find a challenger for the Raw Tag Team Titles for the upcoming WWE Clash of Champions. Monday Night Raw’s latest episode finally revealed the number one contenders for the tag team straps.

The number one contenders were decided through a triple threat contest between Andrade-Angel Garza, Buddy Murphy-Seth Rollins, and Dominik Mysterio-Humberto Carrillo.

First, let’s note that this match was put together because WWE had absolutely no options left to exhaust in the Raw tag division. As a result, all three tag teams were either at the verge of breaking up or not even a proper team at all.

For example, Seth Rollins and Murphy have been at the edge of breaking up for a while. It’s evident they do not get along well.

Even Andrade and Angel Garza have been at loggerheads for the past few weeks. Finally, Dominik Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo have just recently come together so Mysterio can follow in his father’s footsteps.

The WWE Raw triple threat match was a failed attempt at creativity

Coming to the match, it was completely baffling. First, The ‘Monday Night Messiah’ walked out of the ring, stating that he had other things, better things to do. This left Murphy completely exposed to the likes of Andrade and Garza.

On the other hand, Dominik Mysterio and Carrillo weren’t even a threat from the very beginning. In fact, the two of them did not even deserve a potential shot at the Raw Tag Team Titles.

Nevertheless, Angel Garza dropped Dominik Mysterio out of the ring. It boiled down to Buddy Murphy vs Andrade and Garza since Rollins decided to walk out by this point.

Murphy suffered a back elbow from Andrade and a wing clipper from Angel Garza, followed by a pinfall. Their win over the two teams paved the path for them to WWE Clash of Champions 2020 as the challengers for the Raw Tag Titles.

In all honestly, the match did not make any sense from the very beginning. WWE should have just booked Andrade and Garza against The Street Profits instead of creating this triple threat match in the first place. After all, it’s clear they want The Street Profits to face Andrade and Garza till the end of eternity.




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