WWE Reveals the Next opponent for Jeff Hardy for Hell in a Cell

Jeff Hardy Executes an Insane Jump at Clash of Champions

WWE Superstar, Elias, recently returned  on last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. He smashed a guitar on Jeff Hardy which assisted AJ Styles in acquiring the victory.

This attack was probably a revenge from months ago when Hardy hit him with a car.

On the latest episode of Raw, Elias debuted his song from his new album that is dropping soon. However, Jeff Hardy appeared in an epic manner.

While Elias was debuting his song, Hardy was already present within the band in a black hoodie playing the guitar. When he asked Hardy to reveal himself and hand over the guitar, Hardy took a swing at Elias. Even though he evaded the hit, he did not appreciate the interruption.

When he was asked if he knew this was about to happen, Elias claimed that he absolutely did not predict this. In fact, he thought things had changed in WWE, and  that segments would not be interrupted anymore.

In a fit of rage, Elias challenged Jeff Hardy to a match at the upcoming Hell in a Cell. If he wins this match, it could pave the path for him to become a contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

Elias took a hiatus due to a severe injury

Elias had taken a break from the ring owing to an injury. He was recovering from a torn pectoral muscle.

However, he is back inside the ring and will perform for the foreseeable future. He had taken a long break, so there’s no saying if he can pull himself to the level of being a main eventer.

The Superstar has shifted from babyface to heel and back. His return marks the beginning of reestablishing his character and making himself a weekly presence. Not only is he going to capitalize on the various opportunities of the new season, but also make sure he does not get left behind due to his absence.

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