Xbox Live outrage locks players out of their games for hours

On the evening of 7th August, 2019 Xbox Live went out of use for game lovers. The problem started all of a sudden when users noticed that they were not permitted to use the platform for gaming. Instead, an error message occurred before them.

The technical issue left millions of game lovers disturbed. The media reports that the Microsoft platform, which rarely goes out of sight, have let down its users. Game lovers were not allowed to play games stored in their libraries and instead displayed a message which read ‘something went wrong.’

Users have tried a million times to get back to their favorite game. Every time they made their efforts, the platform displayed the same error message. Well, such a message did leave game lovers speechless for a long duration.

Xbox Live outrage locks players out of their games for hours
Image: Xbox

The technical support team has noticed that not every gaming lover got affected. The issue continues to last for a longer duration. The unaffected users kept on playing and enjoyed a gala time. On the other hand, the affected game lovers kept on complaining on Twitter


What went wrong?

Both the Microsoft and the Xbox technical support teams were unable to decipher what exactly went wrong with some users. The team doesn’t even know by when they can restore their old services, thereby satisfying their customers. The service page says that limited usage but does not clearly state what exactly went wrong.

The Xbox technical support team went onto declare that they have heard all their customers outrages. They are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience caused to their dear customers.

The units are still working on the technical issue. Till now they have no clue by when everything would get restored to its old self. It is indeed sad for game lovers as they long to play games after a hectic day.

So here is the latest Tweet from Xbox Support on this topic –