Xbox Series X/S Restocks Available on Best Buy

Xbox Series X/S Restocks Available on Best Buy

Even though the next-generation consoles from Xbox and PlayStation arrived almost four months ago, the supply still hasn’t been able to meet the exorbitant demand. Just as the fans were losing hope of ever getting their hands on the new consoles, however, things picked up as Sony and Microsoft restocked supplies.

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Xbox Series X/S restocks on Best Buy

After the surprising restock on Walmart that went by in a flash a week ago, Xbox Series X and S stocks appeared again, this time on Best Buy. Fans who wish to buy these consoles need to be quick, as most of them vanish within hours, if not minutes.

Players wishing to purchase the Series X can now purchase the console for $499.99 before the stocks run out again. Players wanting to buy the Series S can purchase it for $299.99 till the stocks last.

In the current market, it’s always great to look out for updates from major online retailers depending on the country. For US customers, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Newegg constantly restock their website with consoles.

In Canada, Amazon and Best Buy are the best options to buy an Xbox console. For UK customers, Amazon is still the king for purchasing them, but Argos and Currys have quietly updated their restocks, making them a viable option for fans to purchase from.

The scalper issue

The major reason for the lack of consoles on the market has to be the low supply from both Xbox and PlayStation. Adding to that, scalpers have made matters worse for everyone, denying thousands with their practices.

Scalpers are people who use bots or other means to buy a large quantity of items quicker than the average customer when restocks take place on websites such as Amazon. These scalpers then resell the consoles for exorbitant prices, given the huge demand for them.

Although console developers and retailers try to combat these problems with various tricks, the issue persists, causing problems for the average consumer. Customers still hold on to hope that the supply for the consoles increases and simultaneously minimize the adverse effects of scalpers.

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