Yaya Mayweather’s Alleged Victim Required Emergency Surgery According to New Report

More details surrounding the alleged fight between Yaya Mayweather and another woman have emerged. Mayweather is the daughter of boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather. The fight is said to be related to Mayweather’s relationship with her rapper boyfriend, NBA Youngboy. The Blast reports that the alleged victim was hospitalized and underwent emergency surgery for injuries sustained in the fight.

Yaya Mayweather alleged victim required emergency surgery per report

TMZ reported on April 4 that Mayweather was arrested for stabbing a woman in both arms. The woman is said to be the mother of Youngboy’s child. The Blast spoke with a spokesperson from the police department where Mayweather was arrested who revealed that the victim h ad “serval lacerations to both arms” as a result of the stabbing. The source revealed that the victim had to undergo emergency surgery.


Paramedics transported the victim to a hospital where surgery on her arms was performed. The Blast reported that her injuries do not appear to be life-threatening. TMZ released video footage of the victim lying on a gurney being put into an ambulance as Youngboy stood nearby.

Mayweather was charged with felony “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon,” and booked into Harris County Jail in Texas. It’s unclear if she has been released as of yet. The Shade Room posted a photo of Mayweather’s mugshot to their Instagram account, showing Mayweather with purple hair with a distressed look on her face.


TMZ reported that the two women argued after Mayweather found them together in Youngboy’s home and insisted the woman leave. Mayweather reportedly told police that she was defending herself from the woman.

Who Is Yaya Mayweather?

Mayweather has amassed her own following by becoming a social media influencer. With over one million Instagram followers, Mayweather often showcases her lavish lifestyle, posing on private jets and sitting front row at sporting events. She also has several partnerships for paid endorsements.


Mayweather spends a lot of time with her father and her siblings. Growing up in the entertainment business, it’s been said that she has her own entertainment goals through music and modeling.

Youngboy and Mayweather’s relationship has been rocky. He’s prided himself on being a ladies man and not settling down with one woman, which has been the subject of many headlines surrounding his relationship with Mayweather.


During one of their breakups, he released a diss-track about Mayweather called “Dirty Iyanna

,” sampling Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana.” The song details how tumultuous their relationship was at times, with Youngboy rapping,  “Might have to gas all my cars/Don’t come out after dark/I see she won’t leave me alone/She sliced the tires on my car.”

Youngboy has not released an official statement on the incident but did post a subliminal message on his Twitter account. No one from Mayweather’s camp has spoken out on the matter either.