You can now run Android on a Nintendo Switch

Grand news for game lovers. Many people prefer playing on their gaming consoles by Nintendo. Nintendo is a Japanese company which is a renowned corporation among game lovers from all across the globe.

The company which is running for the past 129 years is selling its gaming consoles all around the world.

Recently, the company announced that Nintendo Switch its new game console can now run on Android. Game console lovers went ecstatic after hearing the news. The game console can now give stiff competition to Android smartphones.

The introduction of Android in the game console will let user receive access to Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and other Android apps.

You can now run Android on a Nintendo Switch
Image: Nintendo

What are the limitations of using Android on a Nintendo Switch?

The joy-cons or the game controller of a Nintendo can only work if a Bluetooth gets connected. No kind of physical connection will let them control the game.

Bluetooth headsets will not function properly on affordable and low-quality game consoles. If you are expecting an HD resolution like a smartphone, then forget it.

The console does not have a DRM. Therefore, streaming videos on YouTube or Netflix and expecting an HD resolution is almost next to impossible.

Most of the Android apps do not run on a Nintendo switch. It is because the game console doesn’t have a mic, GPS, camera, etc.

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There is nothing called external storage within the game console. Battery life is disastrous. As the game console does not have the option of a deep slumber mode, therefore, it cannot go on for a very long time.

It is challenging for game lovers. Wi-Fi connectivity can stop anywhere and anytime. The game console will not start until and unless you reboot it.

If you as a customer is ready to accept the challenges of this gaming console, then this machine is suitable for you.