Zeenat Aman Birthday: 5 Roles of The Actress That Are Brave And Beautiful

Actresses like Zeenat Aman often got stereotyped as seductresses. That’s because they defied the quintessential image of a Bollywood of being coy and timid. Being sultry onscreen was the only memo they were given. That often diluted their true craft but Aman has been fortunate enough to get opportunities that managed to get her out of the damsel in distress characters in every other movie. Even in that, she did it all by looking as good-looking as she always did.  On her birthday today, let’s talk about the five roles of Zeenat Aman that broke all stereotypes. Zeenat Aman Birthday: 5 Action Scenes Of The Actress That Are Simply Inspiring.

Janice/Jasbir – Hare Krishna Hare Raam

This Dev Anand starrer was Aman’s breakthrough role. She played a hippie and a drug addict. For someone, who was still trying to get a footing in the industry, this could have been a risky role but Aman did it with such conviction that the movie is still memorable.

Roma – Don

Aman might not have done some of her stunts herself but her fiesty Roma turn was simply fascinating to watch and that too in an Amitabh Bachchan movie. It’s so rare to see a strong femme fatale character in a 70s movie and only Aman could have pulled that off.

Bharti Saxena – Insaf Ka Tarazu

A rape survivor, Aman played a strong woman fighting for justice and trying to save women from an evil man. It’s such a disturbing yet powerful film that you can’t help but applaud for her.

Rupa – Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Imagine a Bollywood heroine in the 70s playing a proverbial ‘ugly duckling’! You can’t, right? But Aman did play a role like that. Raj Kapoor’s movie exposed the pathetic beauty standards that society clings to for their life partner. Zeenat Aman Birthday: 5 Hit Songs Of The Beauty Which Are Still Fans Favourite.

Sheetal – Roti Kapda Aur Makaan

Bollywood movies have often portrayed the heroines as brats who later become docile due to the influence of a righteous hero. Sheetal wasn’t one of those. At a time when having a good onscreen image was important, Aman played a materialistic woman who gives up on her lover to marry for money. It was not common to see the lead heroine have grey shades in those days.


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